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About Lautan Air Indonesia

PT Lautan Air Indonesia leads the charge in providing smart, affordable water solutions to meet the rising need for clean water. Our focus on conservation, efficient use, and sustainable tech drives environmental responsibility. We’re here to expand by showcasing our trusted brand, advanced tech, and top-notch service. Our goal? To make clean water accessible everywhere, powering a future where sustainability and progress go hand in hand.

about lautan air indonesia

History & Milestone

1969 to 1970s

Established manufacturing facilities and focus on Specialty Chemicals especially Aluminium Sulfate


Established PT Pacinesia Chemical Industry, as an Indonesia leading manufacturer of water treatment chemicals specialized in PAC (Poly Aluminum Chloride)


Developed performance and specialty of water treatment chemicals at PT Dunia Kimia Jaya
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2010 to 2014

In 2010, we expanded our horizons with the establishment of PT Kujang Tirta Sarana, dedicated to advancing clean water management
In 2013, a collaborative venture with Organo Corporation Japan gave rise to Lautan Organo Water, further diversifying our expertise


Venturing into the realm of B2C water solutions, we marked 2019 by establishing PT Lautan Solusi Airindo, reaching out directly to consumers with our innovative water management solutions


Culminating our journey, 2024 witnesses the formation of PT Lautan Air Indonesia, a consolidation of our collective expertise, poised to redefine excellence in the water industry


We strive to create a better future by providing clean and safe water to all, so that everyone can enjoy the life-giving benefits of water.


Make a significant and lasting impact on global water challenges, improving lives, supporting economic growth, and creating a more sustainable and resilient future for generations to come.

Corporate Values


Operate efficiently and effectively with the utmost professionalism


Collaborate with strong synergy to meet customer needs

Value Creation

We create a positive and innovative working environment to achieve best results and go beyond

Board of Director

President Director

Danny Suryadi Adenan

He commenced his professional journey with Lautan Luas in 1995 as a Sales Executive and has held various key roles, including Sales Manager (1998 – 2001), Sales and Marketing Manager (2002 – 2006), and Head of the Strategic Business Unit since 2007. Danny assumed the role of Manufacturing, Supporting & Services Director at Lautan Luas in 2012. Effective from 2024, Danny has been appointed as the President Director of PT Lautan Air Indonesia.

Managing Director

Budi Hermanto

Inaugurating his professional journey with Lautan Luas in 2005 as a Sales Executive, he has seamlessly progressed through various roles, including National Sales Manager (2008 – 2013) and subsequently assumed the position of Head of Distribution Channel in 2013. Furthermore, he took on the role of Director at PT Lautan Solusi Airindo in 2019. As of 2024, Budi has been appointed as the Managing Director of PT Lautan Air Indonesia, showcasing his continued dedication and leadership within the organization.

Commercial and Supply Chain

Steven Masrin

Having joined the Lautan Luas Group in 2006, he initiated his career at PT Mahkota Indonesia in 2008 – 2011, holding the position of Vice General Manager. Subsequently, he continued his dedicated service, managing projects at PT Indonesia Ethanol Industry and PT Findeco Jaya. In 2021, he assumed the role of International Sales Director at PT LNK, and since 2022, Steven has served as the Director of PT Pacinesia Chemical Industry. As of 2024, Steven has been appointed as the Commercial and Supply Chain Director at PT Lautan Air Indonesia, a testament to his continued growth and significant contributions within the organization

Operational Director

Gani Kristiono Kusuma

Embarking on his professional journey at PT. Liku Telaga in 1987, he has navigated through various pivotal roles. Noteworthy positions include serving as the General Manager at PT. Indonesian Acid Industry (2014 – 2023) and concurrently as the General Manager at PT DILM (2019 - 2023). Demonstrating his leadership acumen, he assumed the role of Director at PT Pacinesia in 2023, showcasing a remarkable career trajectory marked by continuous growth and impactful contributions.


Where We Are

Head Office

Jl. Manis II No. 9, Zona Industri Manis KM 8.5 Tangerang 15810

+62 021 591 8874

Gresik Unit

Jl. Raya Sukomulyo KM 24, Manyar Gresik 61151

+62 031 395 1640

Representative Office


Plant Tangerang

Jl. Manis II No. 9, Zona Industri Manis KM 8.5 Tangerang 15810

+62 021 591 8874

Plant Gresik

Jl. Raya Sukomulyo KM 24, Manyar Gresik 61151

+62 031 395 1640